vol. 106

Published: 2019.9.30発行

Cover sheets

Life appearances of Desmostylia using a three-dimensional computer graphics (3D CG)

Shinmura, T. and Matsui, K., pp.

Thematic paper


An outline of estimation of divergence time and diversification process based on the molecular phylogenetic tree

Kon, T. and Inoue, J., pp.

Original Article

Chemosynthetic, cold-seep-dependent fossil assemblages from the upper part of the Nakatsu Group (Lower Pleistocene), Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, central Japan

Seto, H., Majima, R., Miroku, S. and Nakamura, E., pp.



記事(友の会コーナー、書評、学会参加報告、議事録など), pp.