vol. 101

Published: 2017.03.31

Cover sheets

Gifts towards 21st Century from Teiichi Kobayashi

Yajima, M., pp. 1-2

Thematic paper


Progress of Vertebrate Paleontology in Japan —focused on the last 40 years—

Tomida, Y., pp. 5-18

Cretaceous stratigraphy and paleontology —History of Cretaceous studies in Japan traced from symposiums held in the Palaeontological Society of Japan and special issues of “Fossils”―

Ando, H., pp. 19-21

Recent advance in dinosaur research in Japan: comparison of Early Cretaceous dinosaur faunas in East and Southeast Asia

Shibata, M., You, H-L. and Azuma, Y., pp. 23-41


Wani, R., pp. 43-59

Features of Cretaceous floristic changes in Japan in relation to angiosperm invasion

Nishida, H. and Legrand, J., pp. 61-67

Cretaceous warming and environmental changes linked to volcanism

Takashima, R., and Nishi, H., pp. 69-74

International correlation of Cretaceous System: recent progress

Hasegawa, T., pp. 75-80



The Palaeontological Society of Japan, pp. 81-103