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Paleontological Research
◎ Paleonotological Research (PR) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed international journal and focuses on original contributions dealing with paleontology and widly ranged allied sciences. It has been published since 1997 as a succession of the former journal "Transactions and Proceedings of the Palaeontological Society of Japan". Contributions will emphasise global to local aspects and can cover all ages (Precambrian to the Quaternary, including modern analogs).

Typescript Copies Submission

Paleontological Research also accepts typescript copies submission instead of web-based manuscript submission. Please send three hard copies of your manuscript to the following address.

send to :
 Dr. Yasufumi Iryu (Editor of Paleontological Research)
 Graduate School of Science, Earth Science Division of Geosphere Evolution, Tohoku University
 6-3 Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8578 Japan
   E-mail: iryu (at)
   Tel. 022-795-6612, Fax. 022-795-6634

   Dr. Takao Ubukata (Editor of Paleontological Research)
   Department of Geology and Mineralogy, Kyoto University
   Kitashirakawa-Oiwakecho, Sakyouku Kyoto, 606-8502 Japan
   E-mail: ubukata (at)
   Tel. 075-753-4158

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