1. Publication of Paleontological Research

Paleonotological Research (PR) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed international journal, which focuses on original contributions primarily in the area of paleontology but also covering a wide range of allied sciences. It has been published since 1997 as a successor to the former journal Transactions and Proceedings of the Palaeontological Society of Japan. The emphasis of contributions will include global and local perspectives, and contents can cover all ages (Precambrian to the Quaternary, including the present time).

2. Publication of Fossils

Fossils (Japanese title "Kaseki") is a peer-reviewed journal written in Japanese and is published twice a year. It includes not only original papers, but also short notes, comments, thematic overviews, discussions, book reviews, and broadly ranging news of developments and happenings that are of interest to paleontologists.

3. Publication of Special Papers

A Special Paper can show great variety in terms of its content and format. Its size will often exceed the limits imposed by most scientific journals. This category can include, for example, a compilation of research papers by multiple authors, all focused on highlighting different aspects of a particular subject or theme in paleontology, a book-length compilation of a small number of extensively treated related research themes, or a bibliographical catalog of paleontological research over a given period of years. Published irregularly.

4. Scientific Meetings

Science meetings are held twice a year (summer and winter) and usually include a symposium treating a particular research subject. Many oral and poster presentations add to the interest of the meetings. Society members can present their own research.

5. Education and outreach

Short courses and workshops for young scientists are also held at irregular intervals. In terms of more general outreach, an affiliated organization, "Friends of Fossils", comprises people who are not professional paleontologists but are interested in paleontology.