vol. 102

Published: 2017.9

Cover sheets

Fossil specimens in conjunction with development of city Tokyo —Mizuhopecten tokyoensis occurred in Tokyo—

Moriya, K., pp.1-2

Thematic paper


Studies on the living organisms for paleontology, part 1: Case studies for molluscan paleoecology of Anthropocene tidal flats

Sato, S. and Chiba, T., pp.5-13

Studies on the living organisms for paleontology, part 2: Case studies for evolution and biodiversity of ostracods

Tsukagoshi, A., pp.15-31

Earth’s sea surface environment in the late Mesozoic greenhouse interval

Moriya, K., pp.31-42

Reconstruction of the Cretaceous Paleo-Japan continental arc-trench system reconsidered from Cretaceous geologic records in the Japanese Islands

Ando, H. and Takahashi, M., pp.43-62

Original Article

An extinct naticid species Glossaulax hyugensis (Shuto) (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Lower Pleistocene Imaizumi Sandstone and Conglomerate Member in the Nojima Formation (Kazusa Group, central Japan): Discovery and implications

Jimbo, Y., Majima, R., Ichimura, T., Kusu, C., Nozaki, A. and Utsunomiya, M., pp.63-71


Reconstruction of feeding ecology based on tooth microwear: historical review and recent progress using three dimensional microtexture analysis

Yamada, E., Kubi, M., Kubo, T. and Kohno, N., pp.73-85



Palaeontological Society of Japan, pp.87-108