vol. 106

Published: 2019.9.30

Cover sheets

Life appearances of Desmostylia using a three-dimensional computer graphics (3D CG)

Shinmura, T. and Matsui, K., pp.1-2

Thematic paper


An outline of estimation of divergence time and diversification process based on the molecular phylogenetic tree

Kon, T. and Inoue, J., pp.5-17

Original Article

Chemosynthetic, cold-seep-dependent fossil assemblages from the upper part of the Nakatsu Group (Lower Pleistocene), Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, central Japan

Seto, H., Majima, R., Miroku, S. and Nakamura, E., pp.19-34



記事(友の会コーナー、書評、学会参加報告、議事録など), pp.40-60