vol. 107

Published: 2020.3.30

Cover sheets

Emerged fossils of the boring bivalves at the wave-cut platform on the coast of Cape Omaezaki, Shizuoka, Japan

Kitamura, A. and Ikeda, M., pp.1-2


Stable carbon and oxygen isotopes of molluscan shells: Implications to paleontological studies on biological carbonates

Nishida, K., pp.5-20

Original Article

“Cretaceous” Brontosaurus in the children’s story “Naranoki daigakushi no nojuku” of Kenji Miyazawa—Acceptance of new information on the topics of historical geology in the late Meiji to the early Showa eras of Japan—

Sano, S., pp.21-26



The Palaeontological Society of Japan, pp.41-56