vol. 97

Published: 2016年3月3日

Cover sheets

Has the Gulf of Alaska been the diatom-rich ocean since Plio-Pleistocene? ―IODP 341 Alaska cruise microfossil report

今野 進・朝日博史・Christina L. Belanger・福村朱美・ Shyam M. Gupta・喜岡 新・松崎賢史・中村淳路・小嶋孝徳・ Oscar E. Romero・須藤 斎・IODP Expedition 341 Scientists, pp.


“Retaria” hypothesis, a sister relationship between Foraminifera and Radiolaria

石谷 佳之・瀧下 清貴, pp. 13-21

Current trends and issues of dietary reconstruction of ungulates: Focusing on mesowear analysis

山田英佑, pp. 5-12


A nonparametric multimodality test—Silverman’s test—and its introduction into paleontology

楠橋 直・岡本 隆, pp.23-37



日本古生物学会, pp. 55-67

Friends and Fossils

友の会, pp. 45-54